The EasyResource Creative Outsourcing Studios
Providing media groups, image libraries, ad agencies and photographers with outstanding & affordable outsourcing services

We provide a wide range of image and footage related services, aimed at driving down your workflow costs:

  • Creative Keywording - both stills and footage (video clips), Editorial & Live Keywording
  • Keyword QC, Cleansing & Correction
  • Metadata information management
  • Keyword Translation
  • Stills and Footage (video clip) Research
  • Scanning & Retouching (cleaning)
  • Other Creative Services such as Footage Editing, Image QC & prepping for submission/ingestion

With our competitive rates and uncompromising quality, many key players in the industry trust us to work on their images, including the big two picture libraries in the world. Approved supplier to Getty Images and Alamy.


We are currently working closely with key clients to help develop and integrate our services into their workflow using remote log in to their systems, thereby providing our services quickly, seamlessly and cost-effectively.

The area of keyword correction, cleansing and QC is a strong growth area.